T H E   R O G U E   S H O W M A N

Like a neo-vaudeville performer, Clark has presented shows across the U.S.A. for almost every kind of audience imaginable, from street shows to performing arts theaters, garnering reviews that describe his show as "jaw dropping", "dazzling", and "thrill packed".

Should you attend one of Clark’s shows, you will be invited along on a high energy adventure full of spectacular tricks and outlandish feats.  Whether it's a street show or Clark's full "Circus Rock Show" stage production, it's sure to be a thrilling experience that is enjoyable for all ages.

 - A B O U T  -

Clark Lewis is a juggler, stunt performer, and all-around showman.  Originally from Northern Michigan. he has honed his craft from an early age, with specialties in juggling, extreme balance stunts, sideshow, and rock music, creating a unique style of high-energy performance.