T H E   R O G U E   S H O W M A N

Clark has presented his dubious and daring performances across the country for almost every kind of audience imaginable.  After witnessing his acts, many believe him to be slightly insane, but he is actually quite loving and accepting to everyone, except “hair metal” musicians. (Just kidding, if you like hair metal that’s fine.)

Should you dare to attend one of Clark’s shows, you will be spellbound, amused, and invited along on a journey seeking adventure, glory, and other magnificent nonsense. With the fury of a dragon and the intelligence of a caterpillar, this is a show that will transport you to a world beyond the ordinary, and deliver an experience like no other!

 - B I O  -

Clark Lewis is a juggler and stunt performer who particularly enjoys defying such things as gravity, disaster, death, and aardvarks that wander too close to him. Raised in the dark forests of northern Michigan, he has honed his craft from an early age, with specialties in juggling, balance, magic, sideshow, and rock music.