T H E   R O G U E   S H O W M A N

"Performing is Clark's passion, and it shines through during all of his performances. You don't want to miss this exciting and jam packed show that defies all logic!"

- Gail S., Executive Director, Northeast Michigan Arts Council

"The Rogue Showman" Juggling Stunt Show is a 70 minute one-man stage production, packed with incredible circus tricks set to a rock soundtrack.  Clark has been thrilling audiences across the United States for the past 7 years with high-energy performances that invite the audience into a world of excitement and wonder.  Acts such as chainsaw juggling, daredevil balancing stunts, sword swallowing, and much more are all presented with a unique theatrical style and just the right amount of humor.  Clark Lewis "The Rogue Showman" promises an evening of fun and excitement for all ages!

"Clark's performance was absolutely incredible, hilarious and engaging for the entire range of ages within our assembled audience!  Our patrons loved him and are obsessed!"

- Angie F., Youth Services Coordinator, Manistee County Library

R E V I E W S   /   T E S T I M O N I A L S

Clark Lewis, The Rogue Showman, is a high-energy, thrill-packed stunt show that will fill your seats with an audience that is not against traveling from more than two hours away to see this spectacular entertainment.  The Rogue Showman did not disappoint and will be one of the most talked about shows at your theatre, as it has been at ours."

- Aaron W.,  Owner of FoxView Event Center, Nashville MI

"Clark puts on a truly jaw-dropping performance."

- New Year's Fest Organizer, Kalamazoo MI

"Over the past few years, we have had a variety of entertainment come to our school and many families commented that Clark was the best entertainment we have ever had come out. The show was entertaining and engaging. I would definitely recommend Clark Lewis' show!

Zach T., Teacher, Bethel Lutheran School

High energy and exhilarating! Clark's performance is incredible! From amazing feats of juggling and balance to the smooth-flowing, delicate dance of the crystal ball, you will be mesmerized with this show. His upbeat style and creative talent shine throughout the show in his movements and crowd interaction. I am still in awe of Clark's performance! Not even 95-degree heat and low ceilings could slow his show down! 

- Clyde W., Branch Librarian, Kent District Library

Clark's show was very intriguing and kept the audience interested every second! He was very easy to talk to and work with. The AFSP committee definitely recommends Clark Lewis for all of your entertainment needs!

- Abby M., AFSP  (Organizer for Clark's show at Rogers Theater, Rogers City MI)

"Clark Lewis is a dazzling entertainer. Just when you think the show can't get any more amazing the difficulty factor cranks up to a whole new level. Youngsters were on the edge of their seats in eager anticipation as each trick unfurled. And the adults, with jaws dropping, were left shaking their heads in astonishment. We were very impressed and look forward to having him join us again."

Greg H., Executive Director, Oster Regent Theatre, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Neo-vaudeville performer Clark Lewis dazzles with his tricks, comedy, and showmanship. Lewis can juggle just about anything. Balls, knives, chainsaws, you name it. Add a hefty helping of rock ‘n roll and you have Lewis’ special brand of performance.

- The Toledo Blade

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