T H E   R O G U E   S H O W M A N

"I had the pleasure of seeing Clark's  performance that was showcased at our Northeast Art Center in Standish, Michigan. His theatrical set, props, lighting, music and script all added to the ethereal setting that made this a magical experience for all who were in attendance. There are many jugglers offering performances, but I guarantee you won’t find one quite like this. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle into a magical world for a while, then come on out and support this fine entertainer!"

- Gail S., Executive Director, Northeast Michigan Arts Council

"The Rogue Showman" is a 60 minute, action packed, family friendly stage show; a dynamic mix of high level juggling, daring circus stunts, comedy, magic, and rock music.  Clark has been thrilling audiences across the United States for the past 5 years with jaw-dropping performances that defy the typical concept of a juggling show.  In "The Rogue Showman",  the audience is invited along in a vehement rebellion against a grim and mundane world.  With high-energy musical routines, edge-of-your-seat stunts, and a splendidly off-beat sense of humor and style, this is a show made to win over audiences that would normally hate juggling shows.

"Clark's performance was absolutely incredible, hilarious and engaging for the entire range of ages within our assembled audience!  Our patrons loved him and are obsessed!"

- Angie F., Youth Services Coordinator, Manistee County Library

r e v i e w s 

"We had Clark perform at our Elementary School as a reward for students. His show was AMAZING! The kids were talking about it for weeks afterward.  He has a wide range of skills to show off, and kids from age 5-12 were all mesmerized!"

- Beth P., Madison Elementary School, Wakarusa IN

"Such a great show. I was legit trying to be low key and not draw attention to myself geeking out.  He did a great job!!!

- Audience Member, Manistee MI

"Clark puts on a truly jaw-dropping performance."

- New Year's Fest, Kalamazoo MI

"We had Clark Lewis perform at our school and our school families had a lot of fun. Over the past few years, we have had a variety of entertainment come to our school and many families commented that Clark was the best entertainment we have ever had come out. The show was entertaining and engaging. I would definitely recommend Clark Lewis' show!

Zach T., Teacher, Bethel Lutheran School